Actions have a start, duration, & end.

Character actions are initiated by players but are subject to the game mechanics. 

There are a few basic actions that are available to all characters, many skills & a few context dependent actions.

Player ActionsEdit

Player actions are those actions lacking direct influence on other players and not subject to game mechanics.

  • Create Character
  • Delete Character
  • Login
  • Logout

Character ActionsEdit

Character actions have a direct influence on the game world & other characters. Naturally, all character actions are subject to the game mechanics. That being said, some actions are common to all characters & identical in application. Efficacy of any particular action, however, is fully determined by the game mechanics. (ie. Any character may look at any visible square, but the quality of the information obtained will vary based on character stats, skill, level, etc.)

Basic - All basic actions can be bound to keys & have no cooldown.Edit

  • Walk - Cautiously advance one square. If the character passes a hostile enemy in an adjacent square, this is considered a retreat. 
  • Run - Quickly move multiple squares. If the character passes a hostile enemy in an adjacent square, this is considered fleeing.
  • Look - Examine any visible selected square. The information obtained from a look is affected by the character's stats & skills, as well as any environmental factors.
  • Listen -  Attempt to hear sounds from a particular direction.
  • Say - Speak to adjacent players or NPCs.
  • Wait - Do nothing for a specified time interval or event. 

Utility ActionsEdit

Utility actions are context sensitive & have variable cooldowns. Attempting another action during a utility action will cancel the pending action with an automatic failure.

  • Equip/Unequip - Ready/remove an item, weapon or clothing article.
  • Use - Manipulate an item in an adjacent square.
  • Search - Carefully examine adjacent squares. Again, the information obtained is affected by the character's stats & skills, as well as any environmental factors, however it will almost certainly be more detailed & reliable than a look.

Combat Actions Edit

Combat actions take a variable amount of time to complete. These are available to all characters but efficacy will depend on stats, skills, etc.

  • Attack - Attack with currently equipped weapon. If no weapon is equipped, character will use or throw held items. If a character is empty handed, it will punch. 
  • Block - Attempt to block or deflect an incoming attack with item in offhand. If a bow or two-handed weapon is equipped, it is used as a shield.
  • Dodge - Attempt to move out of the way of an incoming attack. 

Skill useEdit

Trained skill buttons may be placed on a toolbar and/or bound to a key. When activated, the skill button will temporarily be unavailable while the skill is being used.  

Special actionsEdit

These actions are usually involuntary responses to conditions & thus not directly usable or useful. They are presented for reference.

  • Flee - Character abandons any pending action & moves away from a specific point at highest possible speed. A fleeing character does not attempt to defend against any attacks. 
  • Retreat - Character finishes current action & moves away from a specific point. A retreating character may defend against attacks.

NPC ActionsEdit

Generally speaking, NPCs will have the same actions available as player characters, but they are controlled by the game AI.