Human culture on Anachronia is arranged into several groups known as castes, or classes. Few of these castes have universal nor official recognition, nor publicize their rules of membership or norms of behavior. There is some degree of movement between the castes, & the descriptions are not clear cut. Often there is overlap between multiple caste descriptions & significant differences are seen traveling Anachronia. The most universal castes are described here. 


Vagabonds are tribal nomads. They tend to travel in caravans composed of blood-bound families. Ties are strong within a particular group, but little cooperation extends between separate groups. Vagabonds tend to be looked on with suspicion by city dwellers, not entirely without reason. Cities are rarely completely comfortable with a Vagabond caravan parked outside the gates, however, they are widely tolerated due to the exotic cargos they bring with them. 


Commoners are city dwellers not belonging to any other caste.


Clerics are city dwellers who have an affiliation with one of the established religious orders.


Merchants are city dwellers who make their living by inter-city trade. The main distinction between a merchant & commoner is that most commoners don't need to travel to obtain their trade goods & tools. Another way to look at it is that a commoner, regardless of occupation, is selling time & effort, whereas a merchant typically is selling specific goods or services.


Nobles are city dwelling administrators & officials. In some cities, official posts are hereditary, so noble titles & functions tend to be associated with particular familes.  In others, officials have to prepare for, & pass, rigorous civil service exams. Interestingly, & perhaps controversially, there seems to be as much variation among Nobles as Vagabond. 


Outlanders live outside the city & are not part of a Vagabond tribe. Farmers, rangers, mercenaries, exiles, are all examples of Outlanders. The term Outlander has no overt negative connotation & it is doubtful that they call themselves such.