Anachronia can provide many hours of enjoyment for intrepid explorers. If you are the kind of adventurer who likes to figure things out for themselves, this is not the page for you. This is the page for players interested in details of how the game works behind the scenes.

Survival & CombatEdit

At the beginning, it is all about surviving long enough to reminisce about the winter you were almost eaten by wolves. Many of Anachronia's inhabitants are animals or plants, & thus impervious to a good talking to.

Your character's success at wilderness survival is largely determined by mental attributes.

If you do survive long enough to become familiar with your environment, congratulations! However... Chances are, someone or something will soon resent your stubborn refusal to die & seek to hasten your demise.

Your character's success at physical combat is largely determined by physical attributes & skills.

Combat begins when a character attacks another character. 


Melee weapons 

Ranged weapons


Diplomacy & TradeEdit

Diplomacy is the ability to convince others not to kill you. Well, maybe that is a bit cynical.  Diplomacy also can be a way to talk yourself into getting better deals on gear & grub, as well as convincing others to go out of their way to help you.

Your character's success at negotiating is largely determined by mental attributes.

Travel & ExplorationEdit

Once you are able to feed, clothe & defend yourself, you may wish to explore the world of Anachronia. This will require being familiar with your character's strength's & weaknesses, as well as various modes of travel. Discovering new areas & creatures in your travels will increase your knowledge of lore.