Universal AttributesEdit

All items share a few basic properties in common that affect nearly every aspect of gameplay:

  • Hardness - resistance to mechanical shock
  • Weight - contributes to overall encumbrance
  • Durability - resistance to elemental damage & decay
  • Quality - partially subjective measure of an item's value

Special AttributesEdit

A few items have additional attributes that affect gameplay. These attributes may occur in various combinations. Simply examine the item to determine which attributes it possesses.

  • Exclusive
    • Only one of these items may be in your possession at any time.
  • Unique
    • Only one of these items exists in the land of Anachronia.
  • Enchantable
    • The item may be enchanted.
  • Stackable
    • The item may be stacked or collected, while occupying only one inventory slot.
  • Rechargeable
    • The item may be refilled, recharged, or reenchanted.
  • Tradeable
    • The item can be traded with other characters.
  • Refinable
    • The item can be processed to alter its properties or increase its quality.
  • Upgradeable
    • The item can be reworked or improved upon.
  • Constructable
    • This attribute appears on instructions for a building, device or item.
  • Uses
    • A numeric property indicating how many uses, charges, or applications of an item, skill, or device remain.
  • Consumable
    • If an item also has Uses property, the item will be permanently exhausted after the last charge is expended. Otherwise, the item is consumed on the first use.
  • Locked
    • An item is secured so that it does not appear in trade windows & cannot be dropped or destroyed.