There are three native humanoid races on Anachronia, the Sis, the Manu & the Gorya. All three native races are intelligent but insular & distrustful of outsiders, particularly humans & hybrids.  


The Sis are of reptilian descent. They are somewhat larger than humans & tend to live in smaller groups. Sis are found in the lowland swamps of Eskura & jungles of the southern islands.  


The Manu resemble feathered kangaroos with large heads. They are approximately of human height at rest, but in motion are considerably longer. Manu are found on the western plains of Eskura.


The Gorya are short, stout & furry. They have large eyes & ears, sometimes horns. Gorya live underground or in caves. 


Anunnaki were a group of technologically advanced humanoids of unknown origin nor ultimate destination. As far as anyone knows, they were not a single distinct race but a coalition of multiple star-faring civilizations. Much of what information remains about them is contradictory or nonsensical.


Humans were initially brought to Anachronia as pets. Eventually, the Anunnaki decided to create hybrids of all the humanoid races, including themselves.


Hybrids most closely resemble humans, though they often have features that indicate their heritage, such as fur, scales or feathers.