Starting a character on an adventure in Anachronia is easy, but before we go through it step by step, it is important to understand how choices you make early on will affect your character later on.

There are ten different attributes (or stats) that determine how effective your character is at using skills. Five of them are physical attributes, five of them are mental attributes. Generally, physical stats are more important for characters on the front lines of battle & mental stats are more important for casters, but there is substantial room for specialization. Most of your character stats depend on at least one other stat to be effective in certain roles.

An example would be a character with a high strength and low agility. This character would have no trouble swinging a sword or bashing doors, but would have difficulty putting on heavy armor & dodging attacks. The reverse scenario would result in a character quick on his feet but unable to wield large weapons or use heavy armor.

Physical attributesEdit


Strength determines how much weight an unaided character can carry or move, as well as contributing to melee damage.


Agility determines how well a character can dodge, climb, swim or perform other actions with their entire body.


Dexterity determines how well a character can manipulate small tools or machinery with the hands.


Constitution determines how well a character resists being sickened, diseased or poisoned.


Stamina determines a character's ability to perform for extended periods of time. Characters with low stamina will tire more quickly than average.

Mental attributesEdit


Perceptiveness determines how alert a character is to his surroundings. 


Memory determines how well a character can recall details of past events.


Intellect determines a characters ability to reason, plan & understand verbal & written language. 


Wisdom determines a characters ability to consider the effects, or potential effects, of his own actions. Wisdom is an important stat for casters.


Charisma represents a character's ability to persuade, influence or lead others.